Repatriate our Gold!

Gold has been natural money for thousands of years. It has been used throughout history either as physical coinage or as solid cornerstone for stable paper currencies. Up until 1913, most Western societies prospered and grew steadily and naturally under a monetary standard with at least partial gold backing. The gradual abandonment of the gold backing throughout the 20th century and the ultimate delinkage of all currencies from gold in 1971 is the fundamental cause of the ongoing inflation (the US-Dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1913) as well as the main reason for the global financial crises since 2007. We believe it is essential to re-introduce a (partial) goldbacking for the world´s monetary system. And in order to back future national currencies, the gold needs to be physically present in the respective country. Gold needs to be re-monetized – at least on a voluntary basis as a means of payment the people are free to choose anytime.

We therefore campaign for ...

  • … independent, full, neutral and physical audits of the gold hoards of the world´s central banks

  • … the repatriation of all central bank gold; i.e. the physical transport into the respective ownership countries